When Obstacles Present Themselves…be Flexible, Determined and Strong

How many times have you set a goal for yourself and just as you are getting started on working towards that goal, catastrophe strikes. You get injured or someone in your family has a medical emergency. Or maybe it is not even a catastrophe. Maybe it is just life gets really busy at work or at home or both. In any event, all these things that pop up that are out of our control make it difficult, and sometimes almost impossible, to focus on our goal. As a result, we get distracted. We become physically, mentally and/or emotionally worn down, which may or may not lead to emotional eating. In any event, we eventually quit and say we will have to try again later when life isn’t so busy.


This has happened to me many times. I have also seen it happen over and over again to other people. I have seen it happen enough, that I have reached the following conclusion:


Obstacles that present themselves AFTER we have identified a goal, and have started to work towards it, are merely proof we are on the right track. Not only are we on the right track, but, in fact, we are on the verge of a life-changing learning experience – an experience that has the potential to change the course of our life.


As with any obstacle, we are faced with two choices:


  1. Give up and quit.


  1. Stand strong and persevere.


Many choose to quit, but, if we believe in our heart this is the path we are to follow, we can stand strong, persevere, and move past the obstacle by:


  1. Recognizing the obstacle is a sign of good things to come in the future.


  1. Knowing that in order to receive those good things, we must have the desire, determination and perseverance to continue to press on towards our goal.


  1. Being thankful for the sign and its reassurance that we are on the best path for us at this exact moment in time and if we are open to learning from this experience, our life will be changed for the better.


  1. Digging deep, deeper than we have ever dug before, to do the best we can to achieve our goal given the circumstances.


  1. Knowing that our best is good enough.


  1. Knowing that once we have worked past the obstacle, we are opening ourselves up to all of the good things that will help us achieve our goal as well as other good things we haven’t even imagined.


Some obstacles may be a sign we are on the wrong path, BUT if we BELIEVE with our whole being we are on our right path, meaning we believe it so much we can feel it, then that obstacle is a sign we are on the right path and our cue to dig deeper, push harder, and continue to work towards our goal despite the obstacle. Our original plan may have to be adjusted to accommodate what we cannot change, but that’s OK. The point is, we don’t have to quit just because an obstacle presents itself. We may just have to think differently and do things differently.


There are different ways to achieve a goal. Being flexible, determined, and strong will get you there.