September 2021 Highlights



There are now over 150 workouts to choose from on the Member’s Portal. MicroWorkouts are being posted under Kettlebell Workouts and HIIT Workouts for now. Once the new website is up in running later this fall, you will be able to find them under their own category of MicroWorkouts. 

Workout Videos – Creating Change

Changing my website has been a bigger undertaking than I originally expected, and like most projects, has expanded into additional changes including making changes to improve the quality of the videos. In addition, I have had to due some unexpected renovations at home. As a result, you may have noticed a reduction in new videos posted over the last few weeks. Please bear with me while I make these changes. I anticipate being back to posting a minimum of three new workouts each week very soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 


Deadline Sept 8th 

I will be going down to Pickering to pick up more kettlebells in September. Kettlebells range in weight from 5 to 60 lb and cost $2.18/lb + tax. If you would like any kettlebells, please let me know by Sept 8th. Thank you!


“Is this a good food for me to eat?”  / “Is it Ok if I have a little alcohol?”

I am often asked these types of questions. They are difficult questions to answer because the answer is based on the individual – where they are at in that moment and what they want to accomplish. 

Whether the goal is to lose weight or address a specific health concern, ultimately what we are doing is using food to heal the body.  This requires us to change the way we think about food. Everything we put into our mouth, we want to be asking ourselves, “What’s in it for me? What nourishment is my body getting?” 

From this perspective, there is nothing in alcohol, for example, to help you improve your health or lose weight, therefore, if you can avoid it, you are best to. Having said that, I realize no one eats perfectly and sometimes we are not ready to give up certain things. Maybe in time we will be, but if we are not ready right now, then the rule of thumb I like to go by is to get the best quality product I can. With respect to alcohol, for most people, that usually means an organic one to avoid the additives and gluten-free for those who are sensitive to gluten. 

Making small changes by improving quality, in time, can make a big difference. 


Dairy Sensitivity / Lactose in Cheese

Many individuals I work with are sensitive to dairy and get better results when they avoid it, however, the whole concept of dairy sensitivity can be a little confusing. Check out this article on the Member’s Portal to get a better understanding of what you are reacting to if you do not digest dairy products very well. 


The Many Names of Sugar  

A quick reference guide to help you make the best sugar choices possible. 

The Difference Between Glucose and Fructose and High Fructose Corn Syrup

Know what sugar you are eating. One releases the hormone leptin, which tells the body to stop eating. The other releases the hormone ghrelin, which tells the body to keep eating. Check out this article to find out which one is which. 


I received the following text last month, which I thought was amazing! 

“…last year at the cottage I couldn’t stand up on the paddle board without going for a swim. This year not only did I get up but I was able to toot around and didn’t fall off once. My scale is not showing results but I’m noticing things I’m able to do that I couldn’t before…thanks!!”

Change happens from the inside out. Noticing improvements such as increased strength, a change in habits, or a reduction in symptoms are all signs you are headed in the right direction. Being aware of these positive changes will motivate you to continue until the results of your efforts do show up on the scale. Thank you for sharing! 

Looking forward to embracing the change that comes this Fall. 

See you in class!