Nothing is Off Limits

Changing eating habits can be one of the most difficult things to do when we set out on a weight loss journey or strive to live healthier.


Many people have told me the reason they struggle to lose weight is they love food too much. This is not true. Enjoying food is a very good thing and you can use your love of food to help you reach your goals. Eating food is not the problem. Balance, quality, and poor digestion is.


When we think of losing weight or eating healthier, we usually first think of all the foods we “can’t” eat or “need” to eliminate from our diet.


Try this instead:


Start with the attitude that nothing is off limits. You can eat anything you want.


THE CATCH IS: It must be the best quality you can buy or make.


Good quality food is less processed, has less ingredients, contains less refined sugar, higher quality sweeteners, and less additives.


This simple change in mindset is foundational to changing eating habits. It allows you to gradually eliminate junk and foods devoid of nutrients – in essence, it allows you to detoxify – while still enjoying food and not feeling deprived. You also feel more satisfied because there are more nutrients in the foods you are eating.


Once you are focused on quality, and eating good quality food has become a habit, you can slowly start tweaking your diet to address health concerns or nutrient deficiencies specific to you.


Get your mind on board, and your body will follow.