November 2021 Highlights


Kettlebell Workouts

  • Mostly Upper Body with a Bit of Legs – 44 min

Cleans, C&P, Around the Head, Tabletop Pushups, Swings, Seated Shoulder Press, One-legged Squats, Side Plank


  • Kettlebells and Yoga Combined – 45 min

Alternating Sun Salutations with Swings, Cleans, Presses, Squats and Snatches. Get your workout in and your stretching done at the same time!


  • Upper Body and Core – 50 min

Includes swings, burpees, thrusters, plank and dolphin



  • Body Weight Workout – 38 min

If you are travelling and can’t take your kettlebells, you don’t have to miss your workout. You can get a great workout simply by using your body. Turn this into a kettlebell workout at home by adding 10-15 two-arms swings between sets.


  • Start Where You Are Series – #2 – 5 min

Swings combined with some Figure 8s and Clean and Presses with a short warm up and cool down. Establish the habit by keeping it simple and doing it every day.  


  • Start Where You Are Series – #3 – 20 min

Many times, people have told me the warm up feels like a workout in itself, so this week, we are adding in the full length warm up.


If you feel like you are cheating when you do these MicroWorkouts, remember, that is only what your mind is telling you. What our mind tells us, is not always what is true. What IS true is you are establishing the habit of consistency, which is a life-changing choice. Do not underestimate the power of being gentle with your body and moving at a pace that feels comfortable and doable. You will know it is working when you feel both your mind and your body getting stronger.


Stretch Class

  • Sun Salutations – 15 min

Sun salutations are used in yoga to warm up the body in preparation for the yoga asanas. I like to use them as a cool down and stretch after a kettlebell workout. If you are able to close your eyes, they can be a meditative practice as you focus on moving your body with the breath. Do them first thing in the morning as a gentle way to wake your body up and ground yourself for the day by connecting to your breath or do them in the evening to relax your body and calm your mind before you go to sleep.




We all have days when we don’t feel like working out. How do we know when it is best to push ourselves or when it is best to rest? Check out The Art of Self-Care article on the Member’s Dashboard.



Tropical Deviled Eggs  – A perfect snack. The combination of protein and fat helps to provide steady energy throughout the day. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides which the body can use as energy. Flax oil is high in omega-3 which helps to reduce inflammation.




I just need an eating plan to follow. Will you create an eating plan for me?

Yes and no. I do not create weekly or monthly eating plans. My experience has been most people do not follow them, and if they do, they don’t for very long.  Instead, I strive to teach you how to eat so you can create your own balanced meals whenever and wherever you are with whatever food is available to you. During our first or second appointment, together, we create a day of eating that fits your schedule. I try to keep as much of what you are currently eating as possible, or keep it similar, because too much change too quickly is overwhelming. I start by addressing foundational nutrient requirements such as improving your hydration and balancing out your protein. After we have created your eating plan, you will know what to eat and when. Once you become familiar with how the macronutrients are best balanced throughout the day, then I teach you how to create your own clean, balanced meals. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes; therefore, the more you contribute to creating your personal eating plan, the more likely you are to follow it until it becomes a habit.




“Not sure how many times I need to remind myself how poorly I feel when I don’t do a few fairly simple tasks and make myself a priority.”


I received this message a few weeks ago. Why am I counting it as a success story? Because it shows awareness, and awareness + consistency = success. Awareness is the very first piece to creating ourselves. If we are not aware something needs to change, we can’t change it. However, once we are aware, we can strive for consistency. Feeling stressed, buried, overwhelmed, overworked, etc. happens to us all. During these times, even the simplest of tasks feels like too much, which is why it is so important to be aware of our habits and change the ones we don’t like, because when times get challenging, we fall back on what is easiest – our habits.

As we continue to practice awareness and strive for consistency, over time, it feels less like stopping and starting and more like falling down and jumping back up again. As we continue on, the fall feels more like a stumble, until eventually it doesn’t even feel like a stumble but instead a brief slowing down to catch our breath until we are ready to go faster again. We can be back on track with our very next meal.

Excellent work on being aware of how staying properly hydrated and consistently consuming enough good quality protein is crucial to your success. You are well on your way!!




Product Review – Oat Beverage – Silk vs Earth’s Own

More people are drinking oat milk/beverage these days. I was asked which brand is better – Silk or Earth’s Own. At a quick glance, my answer was Silk, but then I took a closer look and reconsidered my quick judgement. Sometimes the differences between a higher and lower quality product are subtle. Check out the Product Review on the Member’s Dashboard and use it as a learning tool to improve your food label reading skills.


Nov 14, 2021


Kettlebell Workouts

  • Mostly Upper Body with a Bit of Legs – 40 min

Cleans and C&P with Reverse Lunges, Squats & Surrenders plus Swings, Snatches & Half Sit-ups with a Twist.



  • Start Where You Are Series – #4 – 17 min

Swings & Burpees with a Clean & Press!



FOOD FOR THOUGHT  – Awareness Gives Us the Power of Choice


Notice what is there, but do not identify with it. — Aarti Inamdar

Read the article on the Member’s Portal.




A weight loss success story in the making continued…Remember this story?

Over the summer, an individual lost 10 lbs total body weight. Their lean body mass increased by 3 lbs, so their total fat loss was actually 13 lbs. How did they do it? In addition to their already consistent exercise habits, they changed the following eating habits:

  1. a) Increased the amount of water they were drinking.
  2. b) Stopped drinking bottled water and started drinking filtered water – got ride of the plastic!
  3. c) Eliminated all sources of caffeine.
  4. d) Ate enough protein to maintain their lean muscle mass.
  5. e) Eliminated all processed food including almost all grains.


In September, not only did they maintain their weight loss, but they have continued to lose.


UPDATE – As of the beginning of November, this same individual has now lost 20 lbs and 7% body fat. Their lean body mass has increased, and they have lost a total of 21 lbs of pure fat!

How have they continued to lose?


In addition to fully committing to the above changes, they started to keep track of what they were eating by keeping a food journal. Writing it down and keeping track helps to keep our goal in the forefront of our mind. The act of writing it down renews our commitment every time we make an entry. You can use an app and record it electronically or you can use the old-fashioned method of pen and paper. How you keep track is not important. It only matters that you do. You don’t have to track your eating. You may choose to only track your water intake or maybe just your exercise. Decide what change you want to make and keep track. It’s that simple! Keep up the excellent effort!!