Kettlebell Club Medal Recipient – 2020





I am excited to award you with the Kettlebell Club Medal for 2020! Congratulations!!


I award this medal to an individual who has gone above and beyond to improve their health, and their efforts are evident in a healthier body composition as well as a change in lifestyle habits. You are the fourth person to receive this award.


Your consistency, passion, and dedication with which you pursued your goal last year, an incredibly challenging year no less, combined with your open mindedness and willingness to challenge yourself, is clearly reflected in the 60 lbs and 15.7% body fat you lost over 10 ½ months, as well as in the healthy habits you have established, all of which make you a very deserving recipient of this award.


It has been my absolute pleasure working with you in 2020, and I look forward to watching you achieve even greater heights in 2021. Well done!