Kettlebell Club Medal Recipient – 2018



Sal is the deserving winner of the 2018 Kettlebell Club Medal!!


This medal is awarded to an individual who has gone above and beyond to improve their health, and their efforts are evident in a healthier body composition as well as a change in lifestyle habits. Sal is the second person to receive this award.


Sal lost 30 lbs and 7.8% body fat over the course of seven months by eating a clean balanced diet focused on consuming the right amount of protein, being properly hydrated, consistently exercising with kettlebell training and walking, taking a few supplements to correct nutrient deficiencies, and incorporating some yoga to promote relaxation. Furthermore, he successfully maintained his weight loss for one year, keeping his body fat percentage within the healthy range for his age group.


Sal was willing to trying new things and was very good at listening to his body so he could easily recognize what was working well for him and what was not. Congratulations on your success Sal! Your hard work is evident in your results. Very well done!!