June 2021 Highlights

June 5, 2021


Double kettlebell workouts have been added. I am doing my best to remember to provide alternatives for those of you who do not have doubles. More recent workouts are ranging from 25-50 minutes. 


Double Clean & Press – The demonstration includes the exercise performed on its own, when combined with a walkout as well as alternatives that can be used when using a single kettlebell.


Detecting Undigested Fat in Your Stool

This article ties into the Tips and Variations explanation provided in the Protein Shake recipe.

Eat This Not That

The easiest way to change your eating habits is to eat the same type of food, just higher quality versions.  This week we looked at sausage and cheese. You can eat the same food with 3 to 5 ingredients vs 17 ingredients. That takes a significant load off the liver, which is the main detoxification organ. However, the liver also plays a key role in digesting carbohydrates, protein and fat, therefore, to improve digestion, we must decrease our overall toxic load. To lose weight, we must improve our digestion. It’s all connected. 


Protein Shake

For the first time in over 10 years, I have switched up my post-workout shake. The recipe is on the Member’s Portal and includes explanations on why flax oil is used, digestion, water vs nut/grain-based beverages and using banana vs papaya. 

Fish Burger 

This recipe is from last week. I just wanted to note that it uses psyllium powder as a thickener instead of corn starch or flour.

June 22, 2021


***135 workouts to choose from***

Recently added workouts: 

  • Core Workout – Perfecting the Sit up

If you pump your arms and/or legs while doing sit ups, you are not fully using your core. Try this workout for some tips on how to get the core and legs working more and arms less.

  • Half Workout / Half Stretching

I was asked for a workout that combines an equal amount of workout and stretch, so here it is. This 49-minute workout contains 25 minutes of workout and 24 minutes of stretching.



A few people have asked questions about my thoughts on collagen supplements, so I put this article together to explain what it does, how the body makes it, and considerations when deciding whether to supplement.

NUTRITION 101 – Breathing for Health

Breathing is the elixir of life. How often do you breathe fully and deeply from the bottom of your stomach? Correct breathing enables us to reduce stress, lose excess fat and improve overall health, as it gets more oxygen in at the cellular level and our cells need oxygen to thrive and function properly. The Breathing for Health article explains how we can breathe more effectively to improve our health. 


Getting the Junk Out – Preservatives

The Big Four – there are four main additives commonly added to many foods that are best avoided if you want to eat clean. Preservatives are one of the Big Four. This article outlines the different names of preservatives commonly used, possible reactions, and the different foods they can be found in. 

Eat This Not That – Condiments

The easiest way to change your eating habits is to eat the same type of food, just higher quality versions. This week, we look at relish and mustard. Heinz relish has 15 ingredients, and I would only be willing to eat two of those ingredients. 


Small changes done consistently yield results. Look for the resistance in your life. That is the clue to figuring out the next steps in achieving your goals. Read the full article on the Member’s Dashboard. 



Post-Workout Shake – I updated this recipe to include the frozen blueberries as I had inadvertently left them out of the ingredient list. You will also note you can choose from a smaller amount and a larger amount for each ingredient. If you are under 5’7”, use the smaller amount. If you are 5’7” or taller, use the higher amount. 

June 29, 2021


Yoga for Gut Health

All twisting yoga postures or postures that bring the knees into the chest, wring out the detoxification organs and help to improve gut motility. Try out this 50-minute video if you would like to improve the functioning of your digestive system. 


Get the Junk Out – An Overview

This is a list of ingredients/additives that are put in the food we eat or found in the containers our food is stored in. To maintain optimal health and an ideal body weight, it is important to eliminate all these additives from our diet. This list does not provide details about each ingredient. Separate posts will be done on each ingredient to explain why it is added to food, what potential harm it can do and where to find it in the food you are eating. 

Getting the Junk Out – BHA/BHT

BHA/BHT is another preservative found in breakfast cereals and many processed foods that accumulates in fat tissue and can irritate the kidneys and liver. 


Mantra for Weight Loss: “I love my weight. I am the perfect weight for me right now. Yet I can change my weight at any time if I choose to. I am free.” – Louise L. Hay

The feeling of self-love, self-appreciation, and self-respect inspires the desire to care for ourselves in the way we need to for successful and permanent weight loss. Read the full article on the Member’s Dashboard – Weight Loss Mantra – “I love my weight.”


Gramma Simpson’s Rhubarb Crisp

When doing a makeover, the goal is to create a healthier version of a recipe you currently enjoy or one that brings back happy memories from your past. The goal is NOT to create a recipe that tastes the exact same as the original but rather create a healthy version that tastes delicious and reminds you of the original version. Wendy was kind of enough to let me give her grandmother’s rhubarb crisp a makeover. The total carbohydrates and sugar were cut almost in half and the fibre doubled. Who doesn’t like eating dessert for breakfast? I would not hesitate to eat the reworked version for breakfast – no guilt attached! (With a protein drink on the side, of course. 😊) The ground hazelnuts can be purchased at Nancy’s.