Weight Loss is More Than Numbers

The whole process of losing weight is more than just numbers on a scale. To truly lose weight and keep it off and arrive at a place where we feel comfortable in our clothes and are not constantly thinking about how much we weigh, we must be willing to take the journey of self-discovery.


Reaching our ideal weight involves addressing four main aspects of our life:


  • Mental/Emotional – Thoughts and feelings


  • Nutrition – How we fuel our body


  • Physical Movement – Strength, cardio and flexibility balanced with stillness


  • Detoxification – Not only getting rid of chemicals and waste products that our body doesn’t need, but also negative thoughts and emotions that pollute the body as well.


The very first thing we must do, is to love ourselves exactly as we are right now. This is the absolute key to success. Why? Because we will take care of something/someone that we love. We will give it the attention that it needs. We will devote as much time as needed to care for them. Think about a material object that you treasure or a loved one that you would do anything for. The love and caring that you have for that object or person is the exact same love that you need to create for yourself.


How do you do this? It is very easy. You don’t have to make a list of things you like and don’t like about yourself. All you have to do is repeat over and over to yourself, “I love being me.”


It is that simple. Repeat it to yourself over and over again whenever you happen to think of it. The longer you repeat, the more you will start to believe it. Keep repeating it, and you will eventually start to feel it. And then change will start to happen.


Lasting change starts with in our mind with our thoughts.