Kettlebell Club Medal Recipient – 2021



Kettlebell Club Medal Presentation to Brenda on January 29, 2022


It was ten years ago in 2012 when I created “the binder”, and some of you may remember me saying, “I’m in search of answers for myself. Anyone who would like to join me is more than welcome to come along for the ride.” Brenda chose to come along for the ride in every way. She has participated in every Challenge I have ever run. In fact, she has been present at every extra-curricular activity and supported every cause The Kettlebell Club has participated in. We went to the beach. Brenda was there. We did our Farmer’s Walk around town, Brenda was there. The Terry Fox Run, Kettlebells for Autism, Pentathalons – Brenda has done it all. She would lose weight on the Challenges but would gain it back. She would cut coffee out and then eventually add it back in. But while all that was happening on the surface, something else was going on underneath. I suggested colouring and how that can help to focus the mind, and Brenda has coloured, and coloured, and coloured. It helps that she likes to paint, so it was natural for her to gravitate to it. She has coloured whole colouring books, mailed me pictures throughout the pandemic to say “Hi”. She even coloured the Christmas card she gave me this year. I suggested a gratitude journal, and she purchased one and completed the whole thing. I talked about decluttering. She found it difficult in the beginning, but over time, it got easier.


And then in June of last year, something changed. She made a decision. She decided she was going to change her diet, and she hasn’t looked back. She stopped drinking coffee. Drastically increased her water. Focused on eating the right amount of protein for her, and eliminated all refined, processed foods, and is mindful of the amount and type of sugar she is eating.


Brenda is the most deserving recipient of this award for 2021 because in addition to her dietary changes, she has continued to work on improving all aspects of herself. She has been dedicated to consistent exercise for 14 years. She has continuously worked on identifying weak areas and consciously worked on making them stronger. All throughout the pandemic, she has taken courses to keep her mind stimulated and improve herself. The colouring has drawn her back into painting, and she paints freely instead of being concerned if every line is completely straight or as she thinks it should be.


Brenda, I am so excited and happy to present you with The Kettlebell Club Award for 2021. You embody everything it represents. You took the pandemic, which has been a challenging situation for everyone, and turned it into something very positive for you. And the fact that you are one of the longest Kettlebell Club members, and have been one of my biggest supporters, makes me even happier to present this award to you today. It is so well deserved.



Rest in Peace – August 14, 2022


Brenda sadly passed away 6½ months after receiving her medal. She was a much-loved member of The Kettlebell Club. We miss her smile and enthusiasm and everything about her that made her a bright shining light of positive energy in our group.