Thoughts Become Our Reality – So Be Careful What You Think and Say!

We unconsciously own emotions and symptoms with our thoughts and our words.


Emotions are something we feel. Ideally, they don’t stay with us. They simply flow through us. When we feel anger, we usually say, “I AM so angry.” When we say, “I am”, we are owning that anger. We are allowing it to become part of us. Holding on to anger for too long will start to cause changes at the cellular level, which can eventually impact our physical health.


If, instead, we said, “I feel angry right now”, we are acknowledging how we feel and giving ourselves an opportunity to feel the emotion, and then when we’re ready, letting it go. By doing this, we are allowing the emotion to pass through us. We feel it, but it doesn’t stay.


We can also use the same approach with any symptoms we may be feeling.


“I HAVE no energy.” – If you have or have had Covid, you may notice yourself saying this a lot!

“I AM so forgetful.”

“I AM so lazy.”

“I HAVE OCD tendencies.”

“I HAVE anxiety.”


Today we like to put a label on symptoms, which turns them into a condition, when in many cases (not all but many), it is simply a symptom of a body that is out of balance and lacking the correct nutrients, whether that be:


1. Macronutrients (water, protein carbohydrates, fat)

2. Micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), and/or

3. Lifestyle habits.


If we haven’t waited too long to give our body the nutrients it needs, it is possible to eliminate or reduce the severity of the symptom before it turns into a diagnosable disease.


Therefore, be mindful of what you say.


Instead of: Say This Instead:
I have no energy. I am experiencing a lack of energy.
I am so forgetful. I’m feeling forgetful.
I am so lazy. I feel lazy.
I have OCD tendencies. I am experiencing what it feels like to have OCD.
I have anxiety. I am feeling anxious.


Any emotion or symptom you do not want to be a part of you, do not OWN it by saying, “I have” or “I am”. Acknowledge what you are feeling, and then turn your thoughts to what is in your control to help change the way you are feeling by changing your diet, exercise habits, and lifestyle habits.


Simply changing what we think or say will not prevent disease. Thoughts and words need to be followed by action.


If we never change how we think or what we say, the required action will not follow.


However, in the same way, the simple act of changing our thought patterns, and what we say, has the potential to change the course of our life.



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