Eat Well, Train Hard, Be Your Best!

We strive to motivate, empower and educate individuals to be the best they can be through consistent exercise and clean, balanced eating. Our methods will enhance your potential of living a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.

Achieve Your Goals

Most of our clientele are busy moms who desire to stay fit, active, and healthy despite their busy lives and demanding schedules. We believe consistency combined with passion is the key to success – consistency with both movement / exercise and clean, balanced eating, as well as a willingness to let go of resistance and relax into the process. We encourage you to start where you are, listen to your intuition, and create change at a pace that is comfortably uncomfortable – comfortable enough to make it easy to maintain consistency, yet uncomfortable enough to see results.

As you move through our process, you will find that kettlebells increase strength. Strength leads to confidence. Confidence gives you courage to believe you can achieve your goals. Belief sparks determination. Determination inspires consistency. Consistency makes you unstoppable!

Our Method

The Kettlebell Club offers a holistic approach to fitness. When creating healthy bodies, we do not focus on one area, but consider the whole person, which includes fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle. Building healthy habits helps you to achieve your goals, and ensures you are able to maintain them.

Kettlebell Classes

Kettlebelll training is a unique form of exercise that involves a multidimensional approach to fitness by working various muscle groups simultaneously. The intensity of the workout enables you to complete your cardio and weight training in one short session.

Nutrition Coaching

The Kettlebell Club Nutrition Coaching Program guides individuals through the process of establishing healthy new habits, which lead to the necessary lifestyle changes required to reach and maintain goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked questions regarding our kettlebell classes. Below are a few of our frequently asked questions.

Kettlebells are a traditional Russian exercise. They are typically made of cast iron in the shape of a bowling ball with a U-shaped handle and are available in a variety of weights from 5 lbs to over 100 lbs. Kettlebelll training offers a unique multidimensional approach to fitness by building functional muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness and flexibility in one short workout.

Kettlebell training is excellent for:

  • Fat loss
  • Building lean, functional muscle
  • Increasing strength
  • Body sculpting and toning
  • Increasing cardiovascular conditioning & endurance
  • Increasing flexibility & balance

Kettlebell training is excellent for anyone who:

  • Does not have a lot of time to exercise
  • Does not enjoy traditional weight training and/or cardiovascular workouts
  • Wants to have a fit, toned body
  • Enjoys a demanding workout 

Each Zoom class is 50 minutes long. The working part of the session is 25 minutes with a 15-minute warm up at the beginning and 10 minutes of stretching at the end. Recorded sessions on the Dashboard vary in length. You can choose from MicroWorkouts which are 5 to 25 minutes long or Kettlebell Workouts which are 35 to 75 minutes long.

Yes, you can. I will teach you proper kettlebell technique through the ten introductory training videos and the 15-minute personal training session you receive upon purchasing your first month of classes. During Zoom classes, I continue to assist you with your form by cuing proper technique instructions throughout the entire class and correcting individual form. Purchasing the Unlimited option gives you a half hour personal training session each month which allows us to continuously work on perfecting form in a detailed manner not conducive to a class setting. 

Yes, you can; however, I strongly recommend purchasing the Unlimited option so we can work closely together until you are comfortable with the proper form and ready to continue on your own, participating in either the Zoom classes or the Dashboard classes.

The weight of kettlebell used depends on strength, cardiovascular fitness, exercise being performed, and ability to maintain proper form. During kettlebell classes, beginners usually use a variety of weights including 5, 10, 15 and 20 lbs. As strength, fitness and ability improves, additional kettlebells can be added including weights ranging from 25 to 55 lbs. 

Must Have:

  • A minimum of 4 different size kettlebells so you have the option to go lighter to maintain proper form or go heavier to push yourself depending on the exercise being performed.
  • I prefer to train in bare feet; however, if you prefer shoes, the shoes must be flat.

Nice to Have:

  • A broomstick or hockey stick, which we use in the warmup. A broomstick handle can be purchased at Dollarama for a few dollars.
  • A yoga strap or karate belt which we use sometimes for stretching.
  • Two yoga blocks which can be helpful to maintain proper form with burpees, push ups and stretching.
  • Two kettlebells the same weight so you can do exercises using doubles, which are great for working the body evenly on both sides while adding variety.

Having two kettlebells the same weight is not essential, but they are nice to have as they very effectively work the body evenly on both sides at the same time, plus they add variety to the workouts. 

The Treadmill Factory has competitive pricing on kettlebells. From time-to-time we also receive discounted pricing. Please contact us for our current kettlebell pricing.

All you need is a computer, tablet, or phone. Download the Zoom app, and you are good to go!

You only need a space of about 6½ feet x 6 ½ feet. You will want enough space overhead to be able to do a snatch (extend your arm straight over your shoulder plus add the length of a kettlebell). Most people use a yoga mat to stand on. You can also use large puzzle mats, however, if you do, ensure they are wedged in place so they don’t slide. You will get the most out of the Zoom classes by positioning your computer, tablet or phone so I can see all of you, which gives me the ability to correct your form during the class.